• Reversible system air flow (ensures uniform thawing).
  • Construction in stainless steel panels. (Great rigidity and insulation). Spray dehumidifier (ensures minimal losses in defrosting).
  • Product surface always cold (no bacterial growth).
  • Cleaning system (ensures a perfect sanitized the defroster and the product).

All these qualities make these defrosters are a good investment and have a very fast payback.

The main benefits of these defrosters controlled atmosphere are:

  • Reduced defrosting time (depending on the product characteristics and the size of the block).
  • Saving labor.
  • Water savings.
  • Minimum wastewater.
  • Product consistency (do not wash, therefore does not lose its organoleptic characteristics, protein, color, texture, etc.).
  • Improved performance (less than 1% shrinkage).
  • Improved product quality compared to other systems.

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